A team with decades of investment experience

Thinking differently

Our team has over 40 years of combined expertise in private equity and investment management in UK and international markets. This experience gave us a unique perspective of the challenges faced by private companies when raising capital.

We believe in the power of thinking differently and we established Curated to address some of those challenges. We work to connect private companies with the right investors at the right time.

We also believe in combining human skill, knowledge, and experience with the power of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to the process of curating and presenting investment opportunities.

Traditional capital raising approaches are outdated 

The current approach taken by private companies when raising capital has been around for over two decades and is outdated.

The transactional nature of the process typically means the engagement period between companies and investors is very short.

We think that companies often miss opportunities with investors as it’s incredibly difficult to build a meaningful relationship while also trying to give an investor sufficient comfort to participate in an active round.

We believe there’s a better way.

Our approach is different

We aim to facilitate strong, enduring relationships between investors and companies, based on shared values and vision, outside of the pressures of capital raising.

We have long-term relationships with companies at all stages of the development lifecycle. We track their progress and have a deep understanding of them, often having monitored them since they were spun out of a University incubator, and can introduce them to you at the right time.

We’ll work to understand your investment focus areas to ensure we only share the most relevant companies.


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