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Investing for a carbon neutral future

Join us in our commitment to carbon neutrality through our portfolios of digital carbon.

Atmospheric CO₂ levels since 1750

Rising to the carbon challenge

Our world is at a pivotal point. The urgent need to combat climate change is reshaping the way we think, act, and invest. As the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions continue to escalate, the responsibility to transition towards a carbon-neutral economy intensifies. Traditional investment practices often overlook the environmental impact and fail to account for their carbon footprint.

In the midst of this, there is a growing demand from investors, companies, and society at large to make financial decisions that are not only profitable, but also sustainable. They seek ways to align their investments with their values, contributing to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world.

However, navigating the path to carbon neutrality is not straightforward. It requires innovative thinking, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of both the financial and environmental landscape. This is the challenge that Curated Zero is designed to address.

Introducing the Curated Zero approach

Curated Zero is our innovative response to the global carbon challenge. Using the power of digital carbon, we enable companies and investors to offset their carbon emissions in a transparent and verifiable way.

Digital carbon represents an entirely new approach to carbon offsetting. These blockchain-based tokens equate to verified emissions reductions, promoting transparency and ensuring traceability. They make it possible for any investor or company to support carbon reduction projects, regardless of their location or scale of operations.

For investors, Curated Zero provides a unique opportunity. Without needing to exit or alter their existing investments, they can offset the carbon footprint of entire portfolios. This is achieved by constructing a digital carbon portfolio that equals the carbon emissions of their investments, enabling carbon neutrality while maintaining their investment strategies.

For companies, Curated Zero offers a straightforward way to offset unavoidable emissions. With the purchase of a digital carbon portfolio corresponding to their emissions, companies can contribute to global climate goals while continuing to operate responsibly.

At Curated Capital, we use our expertise in private equity, investment management, and cutting-edge technology to make a measurable impact in the fight against climate change. With Curated Zero, we're transforming how businesses and investors address carbon neutrality, bringing us closer to a sustainable future.

How it works

Curated Zero is built on simplicity and efficacy. Whether you are a company or an investor, our process ensures a seamless transition towards carbon neutrality. Here's how it works.


Our team works closely with you to evaluate the carbon footprint of your business operations or investment portfolio. This assessment is crucial to understand the volume of carbon emissions that need to be offset.  

Carbon offsetting portfolio construction

Based on the assessment, we construct a bespoke carbon offsetting portfolio. This portfolio contains the exact amount of digital carbon required to offset your portfolio or company.

Acquisition of digital carbon credits

Our digital carbon portfolio managers acquire the necessary amount of digital carbon from verified sources, ensuring the quality and legitimacy of these offsets. Each portfolio is constructed of 100% verified digital carbon.

Ongoing monitoring and reporting

We continually monitor the effectiveness of the offsetting and provide you with regular reports detailing the carbon neutrality status of your business or investment portfolio.  

Why Curated Zero?

Choosing Curated Zero means participating in an innovative and powerful approach to carbon neutrality.

Portfolio-level offsetting

Unique to Curated Zero, we enable investors to offset the carbon emissions of existing portfolios. This means achieving carbon neutrality without having to exit any positions or alter the underlying components of your portfolios.

Zero carbon investment opportunities

We offer carbon-neutral share classes for each of our investment opportunities. These options allow our clients to contribute to environmental sustainability with no additional administration, as the carbon offset is built-in automatically.  

Global network of verified digital carbon providers

Our partnerships with innovative digital carbon credit providers allow us to source high-quality, blockchain-based carbon credits. This ensures transparent, traceable, and efficient carbon offsetting.  

Invest with purpose, commit to Zero

Take the first step towards making your investments carbon neutral. Whether you're a company seeking to offset your emissions, or an investor aiming to make your portfolio carbon neutral, we are here to assist.


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