Device Authority's KeyScaler is the solution to modern IoT cybersecurity needs

Internet of Things devices are everywhere, and they're only becoming more prevalent, however securing them at scale can be a nightmare for both the public and private sector.

28 September 2022

If you're responsible for your company's data cybersecurity, you know that the Internet of Things (IoT) presents a unique challenge. The IoT comprises billions of intelligent devices—from tiny chips to enormous machines—that use wireless technology to talk to each other (and to us).

IoT devices are everywhere, and they're only becoming more prevalent. Currently, there are over 14 billion IoT devices, but it’s estimated that there will be over 29 billion by 2030. That's a lot of devices to keep track of and secure!

Fortunately, Device Authority has the solution with its KeyScaler platform. KeyScaler utilises the Company’s patented Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology to automatically provision and secure any internet-enabled device. This means that IoT devices will be secure throughout their entire lifecycle from commissioning to disposal, and it can be done in a scalable way without needing to interact physically with the device.

The increasing importance of IoT cybersecurity

As the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and expansion across many industries, it has caused an increase in cyber security risks that malicious actors can exploit.

Earlier this year, the US Government expressed the need for US private sector to harden its digital defences. IoT devices are deployed at a greater scale than humans and usually have no associated “user” to pay attention to suspicious activity or take immediate action when an incident occurs. These devices are already present in great numbers across nearly all aspects of our critical infrastructure but are too numerous for traditional IT Security teams to manage effectively. As a result, they represent a significant threat target for increasingly sophisticated malicious cyber campaigns.

Device Authority’s entire focus is on helping organisations apply the same standards of security associated with Enterprise users to IoT devices.

How KeyScaler Works

KeyScaler works by creating a unique cryptographic key for each device that is attached to the network using its DDKG technology. This key is like a fingerprint, used to authenticate the device and establish a secure connection. The key is also used to encrypt all communications between the device, the KeyScaler platform, and the resulting data store. Built-in clone detection prevents an existing fingerprint from being re-used, massively reducing potential entry points for bad actors, and cloned devices are immediately locked out from transmitting or receiving data.

One of the benefits of KeyScaler is that it doesn't require significant changes to existing infrastructure or applications. It is compatible with all major cloud platforms, making it easy to get started, regardless of the type of IoT device, including connected cars, medical devices, industrial equipment, etc.

Perhaps the best thing about KeyScaler is that it's easy to use, even for less-technical users. The platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to provision devices and manage user access. What would have previously involved dozens of engineers to manage can now be deployed and maintained by a relatively small team.


In a rapidly growing market, Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform can help solve the problems noted above by fully automating the machine identity lifecycle for IoT devices.

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