FYR Medical: Research initiation report

Our initiation report on FYR Medical explains the company's approach to medical visualisation through Light Field Extended Reality eyewear, its developmental trajectory since inception, market dynamics and competitors, along with key financials.

9 October 2023

FYR Medical is at the forefront of revolutionising the medical visualisation landscape with its unique Light Field Extended Reality (XR) eyewear technology. As the healthcare sector increasingly embraces technological advancements, FYR's solution is poised to significantly impact surgical practices, training, and telemedicine, among other applications.

FYR's innovation is designed to address the limitations of conventional visualisation systems, offering a seamless integration of digital and real-world vision, which is imperative for precise medical procedures and informed decision-making.

This research note aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of FYR Medical's vision, the distinctive features of its XR eyewear, and the potential it holds in the fast-evolving medical technology domain. Read the report below.

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8 October 2023

FYR Medical initiation report

Explore FYR Medical's game-changing Light Field XR eyewear, licensed from Lockheed Martin, set to redefine surgical precision with lifelike augmented imagery and real-time complex data delivery, poised to give medical professionals an unparalleled edge in critical decision-making scenarios.


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