Enabling your expansion in the UAE, the Middle East and beyond.

What is Global Gateway?

Our new service, Global Gateway, is specifically designed for visionary entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand or relocate to the UAE. Being based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we recognise the unique opportunities that the UAE offers as a dynamic and rapidly growing market.

What we do
As your strategic partner, we leverage our extensive network and deep regional insights to facilitate a smooth transition into the UAE market. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your business thrives in this new environment by providing tailored support.


Window into the UAE

We provide bespoke information packages that guide companies and individuals on their entry and growth journeys in the UAE.



We detail the policy, institutional and regulatory landscape according to your company's sector and chosen entry point in the UAE, whether Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

We provide a tailored overview of what Global Gateway brings in terms key opportunities: access to funding, infrastructure and clientele, access to business incentives and regulatory support provided through our local partners.

We provide standardised information, from leasing to health insurance in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, to help you navigate your relocation.

Why the UAE?

The UAE is a thriving country focused on supporting companies that are pioneering technologies set to change the world.

Designed for businesses ready to scale and innovate, Global Gateway facilitates your entry into this dynamic and future-oriented market.


Optimising operational setup

Whether you're starting anew or shifting existing operations, we help optimise your business structure to align with regional practices and maximise efficiency.

Physical infra

Digital infra

Human resources

Physical infrastructure
Through our network of local partners, we ensure smooth and expedited support to register your company, set up your office, and establish laboratory, manufacturing and distribution infrastructure in select free zones in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Digital infrastructure
We facilitate access to strategic partners giving access to the cloud or data centre infrastructure necessary for your business operations.

Human resources
We ensure that you have access to human resources necessary to both initiate or expand your business operations in the UAE.


Navigating regulations

We give your business a strategic advantage and ensure compliance by guiding you you through the complexities of local business regulations and legal frameworks.

Licensing and approvals

Regulatory guidance

Licensing and approvals
Our partnerships with Emirate-level and federal-level regulators optimises your process of obtaining business and sector-specific licensing and approvals.

Regulatory guidance
Through our regulatory partners, we provide access to ongoing guidance and support on regulation and compliance, according to your industry and business needs.


Strategic connections

Gain access to our proprietary network of government bodies, local businesses, and service providers to accelerate your market entry and expansion.


Strategic partners

We connect you to our network of corporate and institutional partners, relevant to your business and sector, in order to facilitate infrastructure, data sharing, research, and pilot and commercialisation agreements.

Strategic partners
We provide regularly updated information on strategic priorities and unmet needs of our corporate and institutional partners to inform pilot or commercial partnerships.


Research and IP

We provide you with the information necessary for a sound understanding of IP policies, patent registration and technology transfer in the UAE.

We will also facilitate expert guidance and support from relevant research institutions, universities, corporates and regulatory bodies.

Next steps

Global Gateway opens new pathways for our partners to innovate, expand, and succeed on a global scale.

How to apply
If you believe your business aligns with us, we would love to hear from you.


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