How an algorithm is revolutionising the detection of aggressive prostate cancer

Technology is continually advancing the ways we diagnose illnesses. One company has created a more accurate method for identifying patients with aggressively growing tumours.

16 January 2023

Technology is continually advancing the ways we diagnose illnesses. From deep learning algorithms to early disease detection, cutting-edge medical technologies are making it easier for researchers and physicians to identify health risks before they become serious problems.

One such example of this revolutionary technology can be seen in its application towards detecting aggressive prostate cancer – an incredibly common and potentially deadly disease among men over 40.

In this blog post, we will delve into how an advanced algorithm has helped create a more accurate method for identifying patients with aggressively growing tumours.

Meet Minomic International: Pioneering a next-generation prostate cancer test

Minomic International is a cancer-focused diagnostics company commercialising MiCheck® Prostate, a test to determine the risk of aggressive prostate cancer with 95% accuracy.

The MiCheck® Prostate test, which has been developed with the input of key opinion leaders in the US, Europe and Australia, is designed to improve upon traditional prostate cancer screening protocols, which are often inaccurate and lead to unnecessary surgeries and other treatments. The test can detect early-stage prostate cancer with greater accuracy than these traditional methods, which could lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment of the disease and reduce unnecessary biopsies.

The company is currently marketing the test in the US and Australia, and the company plans to launch in Europe and Asia in the future.

Reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies

When it comes to prostate cancer, early detection is critical. Urologists are searching for a triage test with superior specificity and high negative predictive accuracy to identify which patients need a biopsy.

Minomic's groundbreaking technology can pinpoint up to 95% of aggressive cancers, reducing the need for biopsies by half. Not only does this decrease patient anxiety and lessen distress, but it also reduces wasteful healthcare spending and the infection risk associated with unnecessary biopsy procedures.

Simple and seamless

MiCheck® Prostate is a triage test that is quick and easy for urologists to use and allows them to judge better which patients should and should not be sent for a biopsy.

The test uses a cloud-based algorithm built upon three widely available serum tests plus one additional data point to produce a percentage risk of a patient having aggressive prostate cancer with a pre-defined cut-point. Only those patients above the cut-point would be referred for biopsy.

The test is designed to integrate with and augment existing diagnostic pathways. The Company has started the research required for inclusion in the US's NCCN guidelines for cancer diagnosis.

Distribution partnership

Minomic International and Sonic Healthcare have announced a new Australian distribution partnership. The two companies will collaborate to bring Minomic's innovative cancer detection technology to the Australian pathology market. Sonic Healthcare is the world's third-largest healthcare distributor, giving Minomic access to an extensive network of pathology clinics across Australia.


Minomic International is revolutionising how prostate cancer is detected. Most importantly, MiCheck® Prostate delivers a more accurate and earlier diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer. This will ultimately reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies, reduce wasteful healthcare spending and, importantly, patient distress while allowing more cancers to be identified and treated at an earlier stage.

With the help of cutting-edge medical technologies, like the Minomic MiCheck® Prostate cancer test, healthcare systems can continue to move towards a future where accurate diagnosis and early treatment are available for many more illnesses.

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about Minomic and the MiCheck® test.

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