5 December 2023

Curated Capital proud to have two businesses exhibiting at COP28

Curated Capital, the first equity-focused private financing platform based in Abu Dhabi's ADGM region, is proud to announce that two of the businesses it represents are featured at COP28, the World’s biggest climate conference: 80 Acres Farms and C-Capture.

80 Acres Farms brings its vision of sustainable agriculture through vertical farming to COP28. This vision directly aligns with the UAE's National Food Security Strategy 2051, using technology to optimise crop yields while minimising environmental impact, enhancing local production and reducing the ecological footprint of agriculture. Their presence at COP28 demonstrates how private sector innovation can contribute to national strategic objectives in food security and sustainability.

C-Capture’s cutting-edge carbon capture technology offers a practical solution to one of the most pressing challenges discussed at the conference – reducing industrial carbon emissions. C-Capture’s technology is particularly relevant in heavy industries, where the need for efficient and scalable decarbonisation methods is most acute. By showcasing their solutions at COP28, C-Capture contributes to the broader dialogue on practical steps towards global carbon reduction goals, aligning with the urgent need for climate action highlighted at the conference.

Curated Capital is proud to be associated with C-Capture and 80 Acres Farms, two businesses with innovative approaches in their respective sectors. These associations reflect Curated Capital's commitment to supporting technologies with the potential to address critical global challenges. The presence of these companies at such a significant event as COP28 underlines the importance of connecting advanced technology with the necessary capital to enhance their impact. As COP28 brings together global leaders and innovators, Curated Capital continues its dedication to sustainable development and environmental responsibility through strategic investments.

About Curated Capital

Curated Capital connects institutional capital with private businesses worldwide in the science and technology sectors. Established in 2022 and operating from the dynamic ADGM region of Abu Dhabi, Curated focuses on ensuring businesses working to address the world’s most pressing challenges get access to the institutional shareholders they need to commercialise.

Curated is acutely aware that the structure of existing private capital markets can be a barrier, causing many transformative ideas to languish in development rather than thriving as well-funded commercial enterprises with the support of patient, long-term investors. Curated aims to revolutionise how investors and businesses connect through its digital asset management platform to ensure these innovations reach their potential, aligning financial success with positive societal outcomes.

About C-Capture

C-Capture is a pioneering firm in the field of carbon capture technology. Their innovative approach involves a unique, energy-efficient process for removing carbon dioxide from industrial emissions. This technology is pivotal in addressing the challenge of reducing greenhouse gases in sectors like steel, cement, and chemicals, contributing significantly to the global efforts of decarbonisation and climate change mitigation.


About 80 Acres Farms

80 Acres Farms is at the forefront of revolutionising agriculture through vertical farming. Established with a vision to make agriculture more sustainable, they employ advanced technology for indoor farming, optimising crop growth while conserving natural resources. 80 Acres Farms is dedicated to producing fresh, nutritious, and environmentally friendly produce, aligning with global aspirations for sustainable food systems and addressing the challenges of feeding a growing global population.



Jon Adair
Curated Capital

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