Capital raising

We advise on, prepare for, and execute the raising of capital for private businesses around the world, at all stages of development across all four of our unstoppable trend focus areas.

Raising capital can be challenging 

Raising capital is crucial and often challenging. As investors, the Curated team has helped dozens of companies achieve their full potential. We launched Curated Capital to take a different approach and address the traditional capital-raising challenges.

We typically begin working with businesses before a capital raise to build awareness of their brand and product among our network of international investors, positioning them for success when the time comes to obtain funding.

By adopting an investor mindset, we understand what is required to present your business to our network, to maximise your chances of securing the right investors at the right time.

Our approach is different

Using new structures and technologies, we enable private businesses to raise capital continuously from our engaged community of international investors.

Building investor awareness

We help you create a strong presence that attracts investors through digital marketing and social media.  

Content creation and amplification

We’ll help to ensure your brand narrative is consistent with your investment goals and keep investors engaged with relevant content which we then amplify through our investor network for optimal exposure.  

Preparing for success

By partnering with us early on, we’ll be able to identify potential gaps or issues in your capital-raising strategy and provide actionable insights and recommendations, ensuring you’re well-prepared when we approach potential investors on your behalf.  

Raising capital continously

We don’t constrain capital raising to short periods of time. Instead, we work continuously to introduce investors from our international network at the right time. In order to support your ability to raise capital continuously, we create and maintain an institutional-grade data room on your behalf, freeing your management team up to focus on running your business.  

Access to our international investor network

Curated’s institutional investor network is truly global and diverse in nature.

We present your business through our digital client portal and, at the right time, will make introductions directly to you.

Investors from

36 countries

Assets represented

$2 trillion

How we charge

The way we work is different from traditional capital raisers, so the way we charge may be different too.

We work over a 12-month engagement that covers a period of capital raising. During that time, we carry out all of the work that’s required to prepare for and raise capital from our investor network, introducing you to investors when the time is right.

While we don’t charge a retainer, we do charge a low monthly fee for the preparation activity. We don’t profit from it, but we recognise that something given for free often has no perceived value. An industry-standard success fee for capital raised ensures our interests are aligned.

We'd love to tell you more

Our team loves hearing from businesses that are working to solve some of the world’s most challenging issues. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how Curated can help with your future or immediate funding needs.


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