At Curated Capital, we empower the extraordinary—those rare entrepreneurs whose bold ideas are poised to transform the future.

What is Scale Builder?

Scale Builder was created for founders who have not only developed transformative technologies but have also taken significant strides towards commercialising them. We recognise that progressing to the next stage can be as difficult as the first.

Scale Builder prepares you for the challenges of an institutional capital raise. We focus on fine-tuning your business model, sharpening your financial projections, and honing your investor presentations. More than this, we actively identify the right investors from our global network and manage the capital-raising process on your behalf. You gain more than just capital; you build a robust foundation for sustained growth and forge lasting connections with capital partners essential for the next stage of your corporate journey.

Our team, selected for their expertise and deep sector knowledge, ensures each partnership is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of growth from advanced development stages to market leadership. We are committed to working closely, understanding deeply, and pushing boundaries—because our ambition is to see each venture not only succeed but also leave a legacy.


Kick off with clarity

  • Evaluate your market positioning
  • Identify improvement areas and growth opportunities
  • Conduct market and competitor analysis
  • Set clear, actionable fundraising objectives
  • Determine the right capital structure and optimal amount of capital to raise

How we make it happen

We don’t just support; we partner with our founders, ensuring we're as integrated and responsive as an in-house team.

Using our virtual office platform replicates the dynamics and immediacy of having us right there in your office, part of your daily operations, and focused intently on achieving the defined outcomes.


Money matters

  • Develop dynamic financial models with profitability analysis, cash flow predictions, and break-even points.
  • Identify the appropriate valuation from an investor's perspective and outline the factors that could enhance the valuation.
  • Create strategies and communication plans to maintain shareholder support.

Craft your pitch

  • Develop a tailored pitch, business plans, and executive summaries to highlight your growth strategy.
  • Run brand workshops to craft your narrative.
  • Refresh marketing materials, enhance SEO and social strategies, align your website, and support media relations.
  • Identify and profile aligned investors, and start early engagement strategies to build relationships.

Getting you in the room

  • Refine your pitch and prepare for common investor questions.
  • Identify and profile investors aligned with your business.
  • Prepare investment materials, research reports, and create a comprehensive data room.

Raising the money

  • Handle capital raising, engage with potential investors, and manage communications.
  • Coordinate funding rounds, structure and negotiate terms to close transactions and secure necessary capital.

Next steps

We are keen to see all transformative technology ideas especially in sectors such as alternative energy, biodiversity, CleanTech, AgTech, autonomous vehicles, AI, future cities, robotics, infrastructure, health, and precision medicine. Our goal is to drive significant societal and environmental impact.

We are not able to work with all the companies that apply so we prioritise companies in sectors where our expertise can drive significant impact and those at pivotal stages of growth. To truly partner with the companies we work with, we only select a limited number of businesses each quarter.

How to apply
If you believe your business aligns with us, we would love to hear from you.


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