Transforming clinically significant prostate cancer detection: An exclusive interview with Minomic's CEO

We sat down with Dr Brad Walsh, the CEO of Minomic International, to ask him about his company's MiCheck® Prostate Test, the tool he's spent the last seven years developing to help diagnose clinically significant prostate cancer.

8 September 2023

Prostate cancer remains a significant concern worldwide, being the second most common cancer among men and the fourth most diagnosed globally. While advancements in awareness and treatments have improved survival rates, the current diagnostic tools, particularly the PSA test, have been met with skepticism due to their high false positive rates. This has led to unnecessary and invasive biopsies, causing both physical and emotional distress to patients.

Enter Minomic International, an Australian pathology company that has been at the forefront of developing a more accurate prostate cancer test, MiCheck® Prostate. Over the past seven years, Minomic has been refining this test, aiming to reduce overdiagnoses and provide better patient outcomes.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Brad Walsh, CEO of Minomic International, to delve deeper into the journey of MiCheck® Prostate. In our exclusive interview, Dr. Walsh sheds light on the challenges with current testing methods, the inception and evolution of MiCheck® Prostate, and the promising results it offers.

From its partnership with global pathology giant Sonic Healthcare to endorsements from key opinion leaders in the oncology and urology sectors, Minomic is poised to revolutionize prostate cancer diagnostics. Dr. Walsh also touches upon the global potential of MiCheck® Prostate, its reception among medical professionals, and its particular significance for at-risk communities.

For those keen to understand the future of prostate cancer testing and the groundbreaking work Minomic is doing, this interview is a must-read. Dive into the full conversation by downloading the complete PDF interview below.

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Interview with Minomic's CEO

Download the full interview with Dr Brad Walsh, CEO of Minomic.


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