Focussing on innovation

Curated aims to facilitate strong, enduring relationships between investors and companies, based on shared values and vision, outside of the pressures of capital raising.

With over 40 years of collective experience investing in UK and international private markets, our team has developed an extensive network of relationships, including with leading universities, incubators, investors and opinion leaders.

At Curated Capital, we provide expert capital raising services tailored to science and technology businesses, preparing them for their commercialisation journey and connecting them with an international community of investors who share our belief in their potential to change the world for the better.

Unstoppable trends

By working with leading economists, fund managers and analysts, we have identified the unstoppable trends of tomorrow. Within each one, we focus on the themes which we believe will see strong and sustained growth over the long term.

Centres for innovation

We start our search for innovation in the world’s most innovative countries. However, the companies that are solving some of the world’s most difficult challenges and the investors that want to work with them can be found around the world, so we don’t constrain ourselves geographically.

We represent businesses from around the world and our investor network is truly global.

Across development stages

We represent private businesses at all development stages from Seed to pre-IPO.


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